Gandalf is the final pod 12 m away with private veranda to admire the view up Boulsworth Hill which changes with the time of day and can resemble Ayers Rock glowing red as the sun sets. On a quiet evening, the town hall clock three miles away can be heard chiming the hour, truly magical.


Bilbo is the first pod in the forest. A short walk from the car park (100m) down through the woods with your own personal wheelbarrow (beer barrow) to help with luggage and essentials is Bilbo. Cocooned in sheep’s wool this special place offers peace and tranquility with only the sound of the birds and the nearby river for company. Top tip – bring a head torch if you arrive in the dark as the woodland path is not lit, unless the moon is out!


Frodo the second pod in the forest 20m away offers another quiet sanctuary to indulge your senses. The private veranda offers the sounds and smells of the forest and is a perfect space to spot birds and wildlife.
This is also an ideal opportunity to practise Shinrin-yoku the Japanese art of forest bathing. Studies show that just sitting in a forest reduces blood pressure and stress levels enhancing health and happiness – enjoy.